“One of the largest soft tip dart leagues in the Southeastern United States with over 200 teams participating in soft tip dart league play.”

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Valley 8 Ball League

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The Valley National 8-Ball League Association is an Association of 300 Coin Machine Operators and nearly 100,000 Sanctioned Pool Players who work together to provide increased interest in the game of pool.

Founded in 1979, the VNEA has shown tremendous growth, success and stability by expanding from 2,500 members the initial season to nearly 100,000 players currently.

These 100,000 men and women players will visit their local establishments two or three times a week and play more than ten million games of pool in competition and practice.


The AMOA-National Dart Association is the official sanctioning body for the sport of soft-tip electronic darting. The emphasis of the trade association is the promotion, recognition and standardization of league play.

The NDA is now an international organization with members from eight countries. Over 56,000 players are sanctioned annually, participating in dart leagues run by our members in over 10,000 locations worldwide. The NDA hosts the world’s largest international soft-tip dart tournament competition in the world.

Partners Promoting Darts (PPD)

Partners Promoting Darts is comprised of progressive dart league and amusement machine operating companies nationwide promoting the sport of soft-tip darts through sanctioned bar tournaments and local leagues. The program accommodates all skill levels, as well as any local league and tournament formats.   Partners promoting darts runs nationwide remote dart leagues and host the Lord Calvert Tournament of Champions.

Florida Association of Soft Tippers

The Florida Association of Soft Tippers is a group of National Dart Association Charter Holders in Florida who have joined together to increase their Dart leagues and business by creating a strong, ongoing Florida State Dart Tournament.

Because we are all members of the NDA and use the NDA standardized rules and rankings, we are able to bracket our players for State Tournament play based on their league averages.  This allows for all skill level players to compete at their own level and does not limit our tournament to our best players, or just “tournament players”.  90% of the players participating in the State tournament are Intermediate and novice players.