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Fit Flight Duralumin Shaft-Spinning


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COSMO DARTS took advantage of Super Duralumin characteristics, to capture the bright metallic luster and quality of this lightweight shaft. Almost identical to the weight of our Normal Fit Shaft TITANIUM

Only work with Fit Flights

Total Shaft Length (Not including threads) – 1 1/2″ – 38.7mm

Shaft Only Length – 24.0mm

Shaft only length is the distance between the flight and the barrel. It does not include the threads or the push-in area for the flight.

If you install flights onto a Locked style shaft and then onto a Spin style shaft, you may notice the flight is looser than normal and may pop off easier. Avoid this by using separate flights for Locked and Spin shafts.

All Dart Shafts are Sold in a set of 3

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